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Ninety-nine Percent of all ships that leave the harbor reach their destination. How many of these ships would reach their destination if they did not chart a clear course?

This is how we help you chart a course:

Schedule an investment planning meeting to define a clear set of financial goals for you personally.
Do not base your investment decisions on advice from friends and family.  It is critical that you understand the total risk involved and see all of your options.
We make sure your investment goals are properly aligned with your investment vehicles. Clients receive unbiased advice. We do not “push” any investments. We have no proprietary products. We find the best investment to fit your needs. Powers Capital Management can provide the best money managers in the country for any investment category.
Powers Capital Management takes great pride in making sure you understand your investments. This may sound simple however it is a vital step in the investment process which larger firms often overlook.
Personal Service
Our advisors maintain a small handpicked book of clients. Advisors at larger firms are unable to maintain smaller books of business.  The bigger banks and brokerage firms focus on quantity, not quality.
Continuous Management
Due to the fact that our advisors have fewer clients , we are able to monitor accounts closely. We review client accounts and meet with clients each quarter of the year or as often as they require. A long term financial plan is available for each client.

Why Invest with Powers Capital Management?

We  offer the same investments offered by the large brokerage firms and banks.
We provide unbiased advice. Powers Capital Management is privately owned and has no proprietary investments to sell.  Clients receive the best investments to suit their needs and goals.

Powers Capital Management has fewer clients than advisors in the larger brokerages and banks.  We are able to do this because we own the business.  We do not give up large revenue shares to the bigger firms.
We provide much better service to our clients since we do not overload our advisors.

We spend more time with our clients.
We maintain smaller books of business in order to provide a higher quality service.
We have happier clients.

“I have been a Powers Capital Client for years.  Trust is so important to me.  I am not going to hand my retirement assets over to giant corporation where I am just another transaction.  I work with Tim because I trust him completely.  He is more than a financial advisor, he has become a friend.  I know my business is important to him and he values me as a client.”
Scott Nutter, Owner of Medical Supply Business