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Ninety-nine Percent of all ships that leave the harbor reach their destination due to a well-charted course. Your personal financial goals lie at the end of this course, and Powers Capital Management will guide you on your journey.

“I’ve known Tim Powers for over 20 years and he is a man you can trust.  Many people in my age group are dealing with aging parents that have no financial plan.  It can be very touchy broaching the topic of financial planning with aging parents.  I reached out to Tim for advice.  Armed with Tim’s counsel, I approached my father with some common sense themes regarding the allocation of assets and planning for his heirs.  My father had absolutely no plan in place and without immediate planning he would incur excessive tax hits for himself and his heirs.  Eventually, I introduced Tim to my father.  With extreme patience and easy to follow language and logic, Tim began making inroads with my father, a man very cynical of all things financial.  Tim showed my father how he could save large amounts of money for himself and his heirs through the establishment of trusts and other financial vehicles.  My father is the son of Depression era parents and has been resistant to almost all financial advice.  My siblings have made previous attempts to steer my father onto the correct financial path.  These attempts failed.  It was only through the perseverance, patience, expertise, and personal touch of Tim Powers that enabled my father to safeguard his assets, provide a vehicle for them to grow, and protect them for my siblings and his grandchildren.   Tim earned the trust of my father, and my family is in a much better place for it.  I recommend you place your trust in Tim.”

Michael O’Hanlon, United States Drug Enforcement Agency

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We bring the investment options found at the large banks and brokerages to you on a personal level.

Unbiased advice. Powers Capital Management is privately owned and has no proprietary investments to sell. Clients receive investments that truly suit their needs and goals. 

A smaller book of business means we have more time to focus our attention on your needs, providing a higher quality of service.

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